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    Vorbeste cu aliace poate se ocupa el de server

    Acceptat TC.
  3. Transformare in RESPAWN?

    Nu iti recomand sa folosesti addos-uri pune doar modul de baza CSDM + alte pluginuri care crezi tu ca sunt necesare.
  4. Transformare in RESPAWN?

    pro Am avut clasic mai mult de 4 ani am bagat peste 1500€ in el si boosturi si maxim pe zi erau 20/32 25/30 asta in weekend, si ma uitam la sv de respawn deschise de cateva luni full tot timpul.
  5. [Cerere] * EduaRd *

    ai un post mai putin de 1 zi vechime si vrei mod serios? raspins t.c.
  6. cerere DNS samp

    Accetat. tc.
  7. [Prezentare] Richard Bondaret

    bine ai venit.
  8. cerere DNS samp

    Nu se da pro la cereri daca nu stiai acum sti.
  9. Cerere Dns

  10. Cerere DNS

    ok, acceptat

  12. Cerere DNS

    Acceptam doar servere cu pot default iar tu ai port 7778
  13. Cerere DNS este deja rezervat alege alt dns.
  14. Minimal Requirements: Server Ubuntu 14.04 or higher 64 bit Minimal RAM is 1024MB Database MySQL 5.0.15 or higher NodeJS Version 6_x or higher Additional requirements NPM PM2 Navicat or alternate mysql management software Install mysql server: apt-get update apt-get upgrade apt-get install mysql-server After installation you need to allow incomming connection to your mysql server Open op the file located in /etc/mysql/my.cnf change bind-address to #bind-address When this done login into your mysql server and create a database & password mysql -u root -p mysql CREATE DATABASE db; GRANT ALL ON db.* TO root@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'YOURPASSWORD'; exit service mysql restart Setting up your server : Uploading your files Connect to your server using filezilla or winscp navigate to the folder "var" in this foldere create a new folder named "apps" command ubuntu: cd && mkdir -p /var/apps Upload "JackpotServer" and "MainServer" folders to the "apps" folder Installing MainServer ( webfiles ) In this folder you will see a file named "config.json" op up this file and edit it to the information you have. Follow the steps in that file and save the file. Important note : "api": { "steamid": "you_ADMIN_account_steamid", "api_key": "you_CSGO.IM_api_account_apikey", "trade_link": "you_ADMIN_account_tradelink" }, Setting up your server : Install NodeJS and Modules Be carefull since you need to install a version from 6_x as a min or latest version. To make sure you install the correct NodeJS version do the following curl --silent --location | bash - apt-get install --yes nodejs You can also install the latest version by doing the following ( BE AWARE TO ONLY INSTALL ONE VERSION ) curl --silent --location | bash - apt-get install --yes nodejs To see what version you have installed type nodejs -v To install the Modules in needed go to the folder "MainServer" and "JackpotServer" and type the following command npm install ubuntu command: cd /var/apps/MainServer && curl --silent --location | bash - && apt-get install --yes nodejs && npm install cd /var/apps/JackpotServer && curl --silent --location | bash - && apt-get install --yes nodejs && npm install

    Va asteptam pe puteti sa adaugati servere de orice tip.