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Found 3 results

  1. Tip: JailBreak v2 Autor: iRay Descriere: Este un addons de JailBreak tradus in Romana Imagini: obligatoriu: - Plugin-uri: gamenamechanger.amxx - Acest plugin schimba numele la server ultimate_ss.amxx- Faci poze jucatorilor SayRestart.amxx - Dai restart din chat admin_llama.amxx - Poti face jucatorii sa nu mai vorbeasca join.amxx - Arata cine se conecteaza admin_freelook.amxx - Adminii vad si T si CT high_ping_kicker.amxx - Da afara jucatorii cu lag amx_mesaje.amxx - Mesaje hud swear_filter.amxx - Cenzureaza cuvinte resetscore.amxx - Resetezi scorul admin_check.amxx - Arata adminii online cfg_slash.amxx - Comenizi de ban/kick/slay din chat private_chat.amxx - Poti intra intr-o convorbire privata last_maps.amxx - Arata hartile anterioare file_remover.amxx - Sterge fisierul custom.hpk care ingreuneaza schimbarea hartii ghostchat.amxx - Vii pot vorbi cu mortii freeztime.amxx - Cu acest plugin nu se vor mai deschide celulele singure jbextreme.amxx - Pluginul JailBreak tradus in Romana jbextreme_extream.amxx - Pluginul JailBreak tradus in Romana JB_weapon.amxx - Acest plugin arata un meniu de arme politistilor Download: Click Aici
  2. Custom Ranks Description Custom ranks based on RankMe points. Feature list Modifiable ranks by a config. Ranks list with details about every rank. The rank appears in the scoreboard as a tag. The rank appears in the chat with the color you have set in the config. Commands sm_ranks - opens the ranks list menu. Screenshots https://imgur.com/a/ncrOwkV Changelog Version 1.0: * Release Installation Drop customRanks.smx to sourcemod/plugins. Drop ranks.cfg to sourcemod/configs (default ranks). To make your own ranks: Example "Ranks" { "RANKNAME1" { "Points" "0" "Color" "WHITE" } "RANKNAME2" { "Points" "100" "Color" "YELLOW" } "RANKNAME3" { "Points" "400" "Color" "DARK_RED" } } Requirements Chat-Processor RankMe Kento Edition Credits Klaus(me). customRanks.zip (10.8 KB)
  3. The Panels page on the Preferences dialog allows you to configure display and behavioral options of file panels. The options specific to local or remote file panels can be set on dedicated subpages. Tutorial oferit de: https://winscp.net/eng/docs/ui_pref_panels
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