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[GameMode] GFzone Original

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Mod: Godfather


  • Police Department
  • FBI
  • NG
  • Medics
  • The Mafia
  • The Triads
  • Hitman Agency
  • News reporter
  • Taxi company
  • License Faction
  • Grove
  • LSV
  • VLA
  • Ballas

Alte informatii:
- Derby Event
- Race Events = Dirty / ATV
- Mini Events = Deagle / M4 / Uzzi / Rifle ..etc
- Last Gang Stading / Supremacy + premii [odata pe luna]
- Masini personale
- Premium accounts [interes 0.5]
- Cluburi = NFS / NRG
- Odata pe luna dam drumu la un concurs cu premii in joc [NRG personal / Casa / BIZ / Level / Bani ...etc] 


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