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[Addons] Warf3 Ultimate

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  • Tip: Warf3 
  • Autor: balesss
  • DescriereWar3ft - addons cu puteri war3ft.
    * Contine vip [mai mult xp la vip].
    * Contine mai multe levele.
    * Contine efecte ,,hd".
    * Contine shopmenu3.
    * Contine effect damage [ cand iti alegi rasa , ai un anumit sprite cand tragi in inamic ].
    * Contine drop box , care dropeaza itemele care le detii.
  • Imagini: obligatoriu: -
  • Plugin-uri
    ultimatewar3ft.amxx debug - plugin de baza war3ft modificat
    ad_manager.amxx - plugin mesaje in chat
    ora_data.amxx - plugin ora si data
    amx_gore_ultimate.amxx - plugin efecte mai realistice de sange si altele
    easyinfo.amxx - ---
    resetscore.amxx - resetscore...
    cs16_ballancer.amxx - echilibreaza echipele[e war3ft+csdm si din cauza asta.]
    VIP_MENU.amxx - un meniu de vip care include toate itemele
    advanced_fog.amxx - ceata albastra
    semiclip.amxx - coechipierii pot trece printre ei
    bullet_damage.amxx - afiseaza damageu total
    quakesounds.amxx - diverse sunete
    shopmenu3.amxx - shopmenu3
    call_medic.amxx - shopmenu3 - call the medic
    loxotron.amxx - shopmenu3 - loxotron
    minigun.amxx - shopmenu3 - minigun
    SilverWeapons.amxx - shopmenu3 - silver weapons
    health_shop.amxx - shopmenu3 - health shop
    buy_zoom.amxx - shopmenu3 - weapons zoom
  • Download: Aici

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