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Best Class For Gold Farming in WotLK Classic


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Today we are going to show a list of WotLK Gold Farming and Gold Farming Career Stages, we are going to discuss each WotLK Career and explain why that Career is particularly suitable for Gold Farming in Wrath of the Lich King.

WotLK Gold Farming career level list - which careers are best for gold farming in Wrath of the Lich King

Each class brings different advantages and disadvantages for different types of farming, for example druids can use their flying form when farming herbalism or mining, paladins can use their crusader aura to fly faster when gathering things or hunting rares , basically anything moving on horseback, death knights also have a talent that gives them the same bonus to mount speed, mages for AoE farming are insane, and hunters and warlocks are great for elite soloing.


So this is basically a WotLK Classic profession picking guide based on farming WotLK Gold in Wrath of the Lich King Classic and which professions are best suited to gold farming. Read on to find out what each profession knows about gold farming and what each profession's special skills are for making gold.


This is a list of WotLK profession ranking classes so you can easily see where each profession stands in comparison.

List of S-rank courses



Paladins have insane potential and could prove to be the absolute best gold farming class in Wrath of the Lich King. The exact extent to which they farm gold depends on how Blizzard handles things for Wrath Classic. For example, in an interview with Brian Birmingham a few weeks ago, the topic of boosting was briefly touched upon and Brian said that they have some of the changes they've added to the Championship Season to reduce spam in general and what they've done with the Championship Season , want to implement One of the changes is that players will receive significantly less experience when killing enemies in groups of one or more players at a much higher level than that of the killed enemy, making the enhancement effect significantly reduced and almost non-existent . If they do something like combat boosting in Wrath Classic, boosting will no longer be an option, but paladins can still solo old dungeons for incredible loot and raw gold, Statholm farming and Zulfrak farming will still be very lucrative, and with access With 10 new levels and better gear, a level 80 paladin can even solo TBC Classic Dungeon. Retribution Paladin feels incredible in almost all types of gold fields, and you can face insane damage and minor draws, or get protection from absolutely huge draws with slower burning effects when killing minions. With access to the Crusader aura, Paladins are also very good at gathering professions like Herbalism and Mining, making Paladins a great choice for gold farming and an obvious S-class profession in Wrath of the Lich King.



Mages are really good at gold swiping, for starters they are the kings of AoE gold swiping and absolutely dominate the AoE swipe list! Mages are also pretty good at single target farming, being able to slow minions 24/7 with Cold Arrow, and with the new skills like Frost Rocket and Deep Freeze in Wrath of the Lich King" her single target damage is significantly improved. So we can put the mage in tier S for gold, right next to the paladin.



Druids are great, always were great, and they only got better in anger. With the ability to instantly transform into a flying form, you can skip the time it takes to cast a spell on your mount that will assist you, and take advantage of the awkwardly placed herb and mine spawns, which most other classes have difficulty accessing. To top it all off, Boomkin's damage has been greatly improved, making Boomkins very useful for AoE gold farming, and skills like Moonfire allow you to tag minions very quickly, and Starfall's damage has been increased so all you have to do is hit everything, Starfall trigger and it dies. If you prefer single target combos, the wild damage is also a pretty big boost, so pretty much every aspect of the druid in Wrath is better than it was in TBC, and very good in TBC. All in all, we can classify the druid in class S alongside the paladin and the mage.

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