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In this category, you'll find all our public community projects, accessible to everyone, as well as some private projects that are accessible only to affiliated members.

There are plenty of exciting things happening here, and we're thrilled to have as many enthusiasts as possible on board. Let's explore together!


  1. Games API

    This API allows anyone to interact with public information about game servers.

    It is used to add or access existing game servers already in the database.

    Users can send requests to the API to add a new game server by providing the game name/ID and its IP address along with its port.

    Additionally, they can access information about existing game servers using the server's IP address and port to obtain details about that server.

  2. GeoIP API

    The GeoIP API is a powerful tool that provides detailed information about the geographic location of an IP address.

    It can be used to obtain data such as country, region, city, postal code, and geographical coordinates associated with an IP address.

    With this API, you can customize the user experience based on their geographic location, providing them with relevant information and tailoring content based on location.

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  3. Redirecte CS 1.6

    In this category, you'll find all the details about what redirects are, how to activate them, and all the necessary steps to attract players to them and then to your Counter-Strike 1.6 server.

    Access to redirects is free for community-affiliated servers, so don't hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity!

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  4. (WPGTSL) WordPress - Game Tracker Servers List

    WPGTSL (WordPress - Game Tracker Servers List) is a WordPress plugin designed for creating and managing lists of game servers.

    Whether you're running a game server or part of a community that deals with such activities, this plugin allows you to create and customize server lists in a simple and efficient way.

    With this plugin, you can organize your game servers into detailed lists, add relevant information about each server, and provide visitors with an easy way to navigate and connect to your servers.

    The plugin is flexible and can be used not only by gaming communities but also by any other type of website that wants to present and manage server lists.


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