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  1. WoW Classic and TBC Classic have impressively shown in recent years that the community for the classic WoW versions does not only consist of nostalgics who want to feel comfortable with the old content. Instead, there are many players and guilds who really want to dominate the known content - with the best skills, team settings and all available winning options. It's a work in progress, but also in speedruns and personal logs. Even areas like farming experience points or wotlk gold are designed for maximum efficiency. When WotLK Classic comes out sometime in the next few months, the stub metadata will change significantly again. For example, one change is that replica instances of Northrend will be available for all 10 and 25 replicas. Then there were a number of career and system tweaks in the pre-patch and all subsequent WotLK updates. Finally, a new class was introduced, the Death Knight, representing the curly-haired tank and DpS competition that the Lich King has had since day one. Over the years, the private server scene has shown us how all of these things can actually affect PvE metadata. WotLK Classic: Who deals the most damage? There are some specializations in Classic and TBC Classic that are so powerful that Team Managers will want to use as many of them as possible. The logs from the Sunwell Plateau impressively show that Doom Warlock, Beastmaster Hunter and Berserker, among others, are currently dominating. Additionally, you need multiple shamans for the berserk/heroism rotation. Many raid setups are structured accordingly. Thanks to the patch, you can now send Cosmic Flux account ranges in WoW - provided you meet the requirements. Blizzard also knocked off the gift and explains it in Hearthstone Legends In the upcoming Classic expansion, Bleed/Heroism applies to the whole team. One less challenge! However, there is one specialization in self-service that pleases them three, four, and sometimes even five times: we're talking about the Pain Warlock, which thanks to various boosts and customizations can inflict enormous damage. A Demonic Warlock complements this by providing a key support on top of its damage. The death knights are also very popular. The Evil DK should be mandatory for many teams as it deals high damage, and with the Black Plaguebringer talent it's easy to spread the plague's magic damage reduction across the entire enemy group. There are also a Frostdeath Knight or two that are very strong. The best DpS specialists in WotLK also include other professions whose abilities are heavily dependent on their respective content levels. For example, Backstab is a good starting option for Thieves in combat. After that, most thieves will want to fight. The same applies to mages (first arcane, then fire), fighters (first weapon, then berserker), or hunters (first survival, then precision). The strongest vermin also include wild druids, which as cats can deal enormous single-target damage. Finally, Vengeance Paladin, Enhancement/Elemental Shaman, Balance Druid, and Shadow Priest are considered "good," and many teams want to get those things out of the way, especially when they need to win and mitigate (and only do it once) . However, Beastmaster Hunter, Frost Mage, Acute Thief, and Doom Warlock rarely find a team bar.
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