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Remove spectator UI

With this little modification, you can completely or partially remove your spectator UI. Trust me, this one actually works, even with the latest game build (from 2017).

I've made 3 versions for 3 different scenarios.

  • One of them removes the UI completely,
  • the other one keeps the name of the player you're following,
  • and the final one only removes the black bars and allows you to customize their size and color (including transparency). Everything is explained inside the file.


Open the downloaded file.
Copy Spectator.res into cstrike\resource\UI folder.


You can add a shadow to all text, just add this, into your clientscheme.res right here.
If you're using my GUI, do this instead:

  • Open your clientscheme.res
  • Search for specPlayer (using Ctrl + F)
  • Add a "dropshadow" "1" to each specPlayer font (like this)


[hide]Author: useless__

Source: Remove spectator UI (for real) [Counter-Strike 1.6] [Mods] (gamebanana.com)[/hide]

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